May 2019 – Present
Team Lead & Architect
project @ EvoGps.
Qualysoft evogps

I am leading a team of three developers reengineering the EvoGps fleet management solution. We have built a distributed system to replace the existing monolithic architecture which reached storage limitations and had performance issues. I am conducting technical interviews for C#/.Net positions within the company and I have built a development team for this project. I have had the freedom to design an open source microservices architecture with all the constituting frameworks and persistence options.

A series of rest apis handle communication with GPRS devices. TCP communication is bidirectional. Further layers of the system parse and process device data for various vendors and equipment types. In the end, processed data is persisted into a SQL database. Deployment is done on premises with a set of scripts on top of systemd, a sort of poor man's CD developed ad-hoc. Health checks have been added for all infrastructure dependencies. Logging and monitoring achieved via Serilog and the Elastic Stack. A custom command bus has been built on top of the defunct RawRabbit project. Most enterprise message queue patterns and practices are abided by.

January 2019 – July 2020
Senior Engineer
outsourced @ Hoist Finance.
Qualysoft Hoist

Hoist Finance is a trusted debt restructuring partner to international banks and financial institutions. Handling non-performing loans, and supporting individuals in becoming debt free is done via a portal which integrates several downstream web apis. These apis are Hoist debt collection platforms in Germany and Spain, and partner apis in France and Poland. Part of a mainly Polish development team. Focus on clean code and high unit test coverage.

March 2018 – January 2019
Senior Engineer
internal project @ Royal Mail Group.
mailing industry
endava royal mail

Complex mail operator management project consisting of an Angular GUI on top of several AspNetCore 2.1 apis and a Sql Server database. Seven Agile development teams in two cities with six up to eight developers in each team. Angular version was incremented from 4 to 7 from development start until delivery. Clean architecture with domain driven design and command query request segregation with MediatR. Database first EF6 with dacpac package publishing instead of migrations. Highlights of my contribution to the project: implement custom authorization and authentication on top of client AD, performance optimization of EF queries and database related services, one of the few able to write karma unit tests, also one of the few constant backend tdd practitioners, designed algorithms to generate constrained map location points, enforced solid design practices and refactored convoluted areas of the application. After project delivery, during my final days with Endava, I prototyped several AD query/metadata search piggyback services in the company's effort to alleviate and standardize the interview process. These apis were used by an Angular material website.

June 2017 – February 2018
Senior Engineer
outsourced @ eShopWorld.
online shops
endava eShopWorld

Personnel outsourcing. Member of several development teams doing Scrum. Working remotely together with existing teams based in Dublin, then Newry. Developped an Angular portal on top of several AspNetCore web apis as part of the shipping portal team. I have also delivered a complete microservice with a CosmosDb over DocumentDb database, covering all development lifecycle stages, envisioning to documentation. Its responsibility was site features configuration per client, language, currency and country. As a member of the checkout team we participated in the initial design of the product.

March 2017 – May2017
Senior C# Developer
antivirus software
in-house product

During my very short span there I tried to refactor the existing DAL with nhibernate & fluentnhibernate in the company's failed effort to move from a monolith to a microservices architecture.

May 2015 – February 2017
Senior C# Developer
fashion ERP
in-house product

Member of the BlueCherry ERP team.

I have written from scratch:

  • A WCF rest image service with Mongo cache
  • A mupdf based pdf/ai to image rendering library, after evaluating several commercial pdf rendering APIs. Managed C++.
  • Hangfire based scheduling framework to replace existing FoxPro services and a ASP.NET MVC 5 site to configure such tasks. Mongo backend.
  • Data pipeline exposing enterprise SQL Server data to PowerBI
Libra Internet Bank
February 2015 – May 2015
IT Development Manager
c# sql todo

I lead a development team of 2 to 4 people developing a desktop application for bank branches internal usage. I estimated and allocated enhancements to the afore mentioned IBS application.

July 2012 – August 2014
C# senior developer
outsourced @BAInsight
ba insight ecrion
c# sql todo

I worked for the Longitude Search, Preview and Connector Framework teams building custom solutions for SharePoint.

  • For the Search team I have designed, developed and documented a series of WCF services for content enrichment/data mining using custom APIs like Pingar, or Lucene. I have also designed and coded a façade for integrating multiple enrichment services into a single deployment. Completed a standalone, SharePoint decoupled, asynchronous enrichment WCF data service, a mediator between a local Solr instance and a SharePoint farm.
  • For the Preview team I have designed and implemented document conversion from Visio, OneNote and Dita to html. I also ported existing functionality from Java assemblies like Saxon,Xalan or Fop. I refactored several areas of the product by enforcing design patterns and reviewed junior developers’ code.
  • As a member of the Connectors team doing Agile/Scrum I did bug fixing and added new features such as improved application logging, performance tests, an integration test framework, a TFS2012 SQL connector, WiX installer, code porting from VB to C# and provided support for clients with Oracle db-based collaboration platforms.
October 2011 – June 2012
C# developer
outsourced @ Amelkis
beler soft amelkis
c# sql todo

My first .NET job. I was a member of the Opera team that developed a C# 2.0 accounting expertise ERP whose sole beneficiary is the French company Amelkis. I provided maintenance, designed new features and refactored code. My work there consisted of intensive use of SQL Server 2008/TSQL, database design, ADO.NET custom code, Windows Forms and Crystal Reports on the side.

July 2006 – April 2010
C++ developer
civil engineering software
in-house product suite

Graitec produces software for the civil engineering industry. Member of the Advance Design & Effel teams. My contribution includes: automatic report generation, rtf engine maintenance and development, application localization and internationalization, developing graphical user interfaces, building a unit and integration test framework, MSOffice automation. I have been working extensively with XML and MFC. I have also refined shape morphing algorithms for the 2D mesh process and used applied calculus techniques to compute integrals for the section engine.

MongoDB University
MongoDB for .NET Developers
Feb 23, 2016
free certification
MCTS 70-511
Windows Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Score: 935/1000.
Nov 28, 2014
MCTS 70-516
Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Score: 838/1000.
Sep 26, 2014
Microsoft Certified Professional
Awarded with previous certifications.
Apr 16, 2012

I keep a couple of personal repositories. Most of them are just trials, the only ones worth mentioning and that get updated are: a series of developer mnemonics as a markdown wiki, a .NET port of algorithms by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne, code for this resume.

I am also a modest contributor for Cron Expression descriptor and NCrontab-Advanced. See following commits: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Charazay Plus was a manager for the now defunct homonymous online basketball simulator (MMORPG). The WinForms application was stable at version 1.1.4 and source code on GitHub. Since Charazay is dead and buried, app is no longer functional due to dependency on xml feeds from the site. However, one can still watch videos of it running on Youtube. 1, 2, 3, 4.

Stack Overflow
profile for andrei.ciprian on Stack Overflow *
top 20% overall
University, BSc
Department Computer Science and Engineering, major in application programming.
pre Bologna, 5 years of study. Graduation grade 8.
My alumnus profile can be found here.
Thesis: Stochastic analysis of a singles tennis match.
Determine real odds using time series analysis and a Bayesian model over ATP web collected data. C++ with a MFC user interface, Matlab C compiler for various algorithms implementations.
High school graduation grade: 9.35.
Baccalaureate: 9.82.
A participant in the 1998 and 1999 National Math Olympiads in Alba Iulia & Braşov.
English C1
Excellent writing, speaking, listening and reading. Certification of language proficiency for the technical field issued by University Politehnica.

Studied thoroughly as a primary foreign language, 4 hours/week from 5th to 8th grade, 6 hours/week from 8th to 12th grade.

Romanian C2
Native language.

Our prime minister can't speak it properly, so I might just as well boast.

French A2
Decent reading and writing. Learned while a child.

BelerSoft provided language training for meetings/support with French clients.

German A2
Decent reading and writing.

Taught to me from 5th to 12th grade as a second foreign language, 2 hours/week.

Lacking conversational practice.
Spanish A1

Beginner at a conversational level. Decent understanding. Read a lot of tango lyrics.

Italian A1

Beginner at a conversational level. Decent listening. Visited the country more than 20 times.